Freshly Picked Exotic Hot Peppers, Hot Sauce and Jelly Outside Sale Now Closed. Thank you to all who came out. Products are now available onlilne. Stay tuned for Plant Sale in the Spring located at 90 Garner Rd. West Ancaster L9G 3K9

Hot Sauce Collection.

Sweet Jelly Heat.

Assorted Hot Pepper Harvest 2022. Sold out.

Roasted Hot Pepper Powder

20-25lb boxes. Sold Out

Jelly with Boursin Cheese, so yummy!

Sweet Jelly Heat with Boursin Cheese.

Pics from sale at my home in 2021

2022 Exotic Hot Pepper Plant Sale located at 90 Garner Rd. West Ancaster, on l9G 3K9

2022 Pepper List and Location

2022 Prices and Order Form