Stay tuned for opening day for the 2024 Exotic Hot Pepper Plant Sale, sometime in the beginning of May. See updated plant list and opening day by clicking on JC's List below. Sale located at 90 Garner Rd. West Ancaster L9G 3K9 (905) 923-1469. - NEW THIS YEAR - Vegetables and Herbs

Congratulations to Ashley Sidler, lucky winner of Gift Basket - Draw held Sunday March 17, 2024!

Hot Sauce Collection.

Sweet Jelly Heat.

Assorted Hot Pepper Harvest 2022. Sold out.

Oven Roasted Scorpion Pepper Powder

20-25lb boxes. Sold Out

Jelly with Boursin Cheese, so yummy!

Sweet Jelly Heat with Boursin Cheese.

Exotic Hot Pepper Plant Sale located at 90 Garner Rd. West Ancaster, on l9G 3K9 held each year beginning in may!

2024 Pepper List and Location

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